American Advocacy

AMLC is coordinating with local and national advocacy groups such as CAIR, MLFA, AHRC, ACLU, ADC and NAACP to serve our community in legal/advocacy matters pertain to the welfare of our community.

What do advocacy groups do?

Advocacy groups create change by influencing government or society to act. Advocacy groups may use the following methods to do this:

  • Public education like information pamphlets or websites, workshops, and seminars.
  • Lobbying, which means to try and influence government. Groups can lobby through letter-writing campaigns, direct talks with decision makers and politicians and petitions.
  • Media activity including news conferences, interviews, and publishing articles.
  • Coalition building that happens when many groups or organizations come together for a common cause.
  • ‘Grassroots’ activities where a large number of community members can participate in, such as protests, rallies, and demonstrations.
You may call or email AMLC for services or for further information.