Executive Board

Abdallah Sheik


Mr. Sheik is the founder and CEO of Captain Jay’s Fish and Chicken from 2008 to present. Prior to that, Mr. Sheik was a senior officer at Church’s Chicken, and Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago. Mr. Sheik has a Master’s degree in Engineering from Arizona State University, and the Co-founder of AMLC and AMPAC.

Sufian Nabhan

Mr. Nabhan is the President of the Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD), a Detroit-Michigan based grassroots membership organization which seeks to empower the American Muslim community through Faith, Education and Social Activism. Mr. Nabhan helped found ICD in 1999, which has grown rapidly in the state of Michigan to become the largest Islamic Center in Detroit city in terms of facility and number of service attendants. Mr. Nabhan is currently serving on the Muslim Family Services (MFS), the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) board, currently serving AAAMPAC (American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee) as the Vice President, also serving as the V.P. of strategy and development in AMLC (American Arab &Muslim Leadership Council).

Hasan Newash

Hasan Newash was born in Ein Karem West of Jerusalem and directly experienced, as a child, effects of the Palestinian Nakba (the catastrophe), as his family was forced to leave their homes losing everything they owned to become refugees. Hasan witnessed, first hand, details of the dismemberment of Palestinians as an integrated community when forced to leave their homes in droves fearing the multiple massacres perpetrated across Palestine by Zionist gangs in 1948. This rendered thousands of Palestinians to live in refugee camps dotting the landscapes in neighboring Lebanon, Syria, Jordan,Iraq, the West Bank & the Gaza Strip.

Psychologically scarred by the separation from his parents and the permanently traumatic effects of the war in 1948, Hasan turned to activism as early as a twelve years old boy and continued his journey on that path until today. It is no surprise, he would later be among the initiators of multiple Arab American organizations in the Detroit Metropolitan area, first serving as President of Arab Student Organization at WSU, on to be a cofounder of ACCESS, AAUG Detroit, ADC Detroit, Palestine Aid Society, AL-AWDA National Coalition, Anti War Detroit area Peace with Justice Network, USPCN. He couldn't wait to retire early from Chrysler Engineering as he was doing activism after hours, so he could found and serve as the Executive Director of the volunteer-driven Palestine Cultural Office. He continues to carry on his Palestinian activism in that role, as he also sits on the Board of Michigan Coalition for Human Rights and serves as a Board Member of the Detroit based National Arab Orchestra.

Upon Hasan's graduating with B.S. from Central Michigan University, he moved to Detroit and enrolled in the Anthropology PhD program at WSU. In the meanwhile he was working as a Materials Engineer in the Engineering Division of Chrysler Corporation, while doing his activist work, and raising a family of four children. Using his Anthropological educational skills, Hasan served during the last eighteen years of his career at Chrysler Engineering, as a Facilitator for Team Development & Quality Improvement Strategies. Hasan interrupted his PhD studies to earn his M.S. in Management & Supervision. That interruption plus the pressures of ongoing commitment to activism continued to derail his scheduled completion of his doctorate program. This kept him a "PhD candidate" or, a "PhD dropout", as he calls it, till today.

Hasan is a published poet, who has often recited his works on local radio programs and before politically public community events. Hasan has been honored for his long time activism by the National Lawyers Guild and the National ADC as well as the Midwest Regional Office of the ADC.

Muthanna Al-Hanooti

Muthanna Al-Hanooti was the founder of CAIR Michigan and the co-founder of the Islamic Center of Detroit. He worked with numerous nonprofits in Michigan as well, such as Life for Relief & Development, Muslim Legal Fund of America and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The last thirty years Mr. Al-Hanooti was involved mainly in community service work. His academic background is in TV Production and Management.

Jamal Saab

Bio information coming soon.