Leadership Training

Youths are seeking talent management training to assist in elevating their performance of top and line management functions in day-to-day running of community’s organizations and to enhance their ability to motivate, empower, and develop their skills to create an environment conducive to business growth and competitiveness in the marketplace. 

Detailed objectives: 
  • Two-day programs of various topics addressing the aggregate issues relating to potential leaders’ performance. 
  • Training programs are competency-based and interactive. 
  • Training provides participants with tools to assess their leadership style and areas of improvement.
  • Training works with participants on creating their own action plans designed to:
    • Ensure they maintain and enhance their existing competencies
    • Establish a support system for the development of new competencies related to their expected and designated roles and responsibilities.
    • Establish an accountability and timeframe for the a measurable progress of their undertaking. 
    • Create mechanisms for timely feedback re progress of developmental areas and acknowledgement/encouragement on areas of strength.
    • Provide a system of coaching on modules covered and ensure they apply knowledge and skills acquired.