Job Fair/Announcements

A variety of job and career fairs take place across the Metro area to bring job seekers and employers together. We will introduce you to them. Also, AMLC will receive employment requests from employers and post them on the website.

Health and Wellness

Will focus on health Insurance enrollment program and substance abuse prevention.

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Medical Clinic

Traditional internal medicine and family medicine services including standard physical examinations, periodic check-ups, immunizations, pap smears, breast examinations, and family counseling.

Refugee Resettlement

In Michigan, we are partnering with local organizations to provide basic supplies and services to refugee families, as well as launching employment training such as English as a second language (ESL) classes.

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Leadership Training

Youths are seeking talent management training to assist in elevating their performance of top and line management functions in day-to-day running of community’s organizations and to enhance their ability to motivate, empower, and develop their skills to create an environment conducive to business growth and competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Substance Abuse Prevention Program

There has been a noticeable increase in the use of Marijuana among youth. Concerned parents have openly expressed interest in wanting to ensure their children do not engage in substance abuse.

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American Advocacy

AMLC is coordinating with local and national advocacy groups such as CAIR, MLFA, AHRC, ACLU, ADC and NAACP to serve our community in legal/advocacy matters pertain to the welfare of our community.

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American Youth Leadership Program

The program will equip the youth with invaluable 21st century skills, enabling them to bring change to themselves and to the world,` through service. AMLC will extend learning opportunities to the youth by providing various seminars and activities that are focused on leadership & life skills, diversity education, job readiness, college access education, educational and career goal setting, strategic planning, as well as empowering them to make a difference in their communities.Youth participants are exposed to various learning opportunities ranging from: resume building, personal branding, social media etiquette, identity and socialization, history and culture, social justice, community action, leadership, public speaking and college preparation.


Scholarship Program: AMLC will provide monetary scholarships for distinguished students of our community at the annual gala.


AMLC is proud and privileged to be a leading advocate of higher education and to offer Scholarship assistance program in the area.

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Youth Development Center

Topics include: Healthy Body Healthy Minds, Career Opportunities, Success and Organization, Self Esteem, Life Skills, Leadership/Teamwork and Environmental Awareness. The program includes guest speakers and activities that rotate every month.

Food Assistance

AMLC Emergency Food Voucher Program: (assistance is based on availability of funds) Food supplements are administered based on a voucher system. Individuals or families in need can receive a food voucher designated for groceries. The amount of the voucher is based upon the number of household members

Food Pantry Program: Provide food donations through our food pantry. Additionally, we organize monthly food distributions serving the homeless population

Turkey Drive: Provide holiday meal to seniors and families in need. Turkeys along with canned food are distributed annually.

Career Services

Workforce Development

  • Employability skills workshops
  • Resources to funded training/educational programs
  • Employer/job referrals
  • Resume development
  • Access to job fairs

Financial Coaching

  • Conduct assessments
  • Develop a workable budget
  • Work with participants to help them understand spending habits
  • Help participants learn how to stop living “paycheck to paycheck”
  • Coaching individuals on how to build wealth
  • Coaching lessons on building up a savings account and investing

Legal Clinic

Legal clinics typically do pro bono work in a particular area, providing free legal services to clients.

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